A proposal

Is it passable, my love, 
I’m pretty shy
for me inquiring, 
and pry into 
the merest possibility 
of maybe you  
accepting these, 
my candid compliments
on how pleasing
your appearance is to me,
considering to share


The Proposal by Frederick Morgan

Today De hosts the quadrille at dVerse and the word is possible or derivation of that word. Even though I have just used 44 words I think the narrator is a tad too elaborate for the girl to listen.

November 16, 2020

35 responses to “A proposal

  1. A shy proposal indeed! I enjoyed the tentativeness and the old-fashioned turns of phrase, but especially loved the subtle wordplay with on ‘passable/possible’.

  2. Hey, my last proposal took an hour, after two divorces, I wanted to make sure we were on the same page. She of course, accepted, adding, “What took you so long?”

  3. Ah the gentlemanly question…..the proposal and its possibilities. Love this one and most especially with the earthy old-fashioned illustration you’ve paired it with.

  4. This seems a bit different for you and that’s what is so lovely, Björn 🙂 It is, as Saana says, very sweet. I like the humble timidity in the proposal.

  5. The separation of “me?” is very telling. It fits the whole tentative approach of the first stanza, as if it’s a normal conversation that suddenly takes a turn into a possible future.

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