Left behind
a little letter signed; I’m 
left bereft; I’m 
singed;  I’m scorched;  I’m
left begone 
and you for me 
a river dried
a trickling tributary lost;
my heartbeat slowing
sluggish bogged, I sink
submerged I think 
I loved your lies

Me reading my own poem

Today Peter hosts MTB with a prompt at dVerse on writing the sounds of your poetry. He also encourages us to read the poem load and why not as a video. I tried to use some of the tools he includes to set my words to music.

Which reminds me, next week we will be live on the pub again. This time I will try recording, and for those who wants you will be part of the first ever dVerse recorded live event.

October 22, 2020

24 responses to “Left

  1. Brilliant, Björn! I especially loved your reading, the internal rhyme of ‘left bereft’ and ‘a trickling tributary lost’.

  2. Fantastic Björn, the sounds in this are just great – and hearing you read it adds an additional sonority. Particularly liked the softening in the end after the storming of the middle. Bravo.

  3. Your words really sing off the page here! It is a tearjerker of a poem, especially ‘a trickling tributary lost.’ Your reading adds another level of depth, thank you for including this.

  4. Oh my…..lost love. To have loved the lies, to have felt loved before even when not true….was better than being left behind and knowing. “I sink submerged” — the depth of feeling here. Lost.

  5. Very nice indeed. I particularly liked:
    ‘and you for me
    a river dried
    a trickling tributary lost;’
    I am ‘left’ feeling quite bereft. Maybe you have encapsulated how many of us are feeling right now.

  6. This is absolutely stellar, Bjorn! Especially love; ” I’m left begone and you for me/a river dried/ a trickling tributary lost.” Wow! 😀

  7. Alliteration and internal rhyming were excellent, sir. Your chosen sounds smack the air as I read it aloud, and listen to your recitation. Nice.

  8. Aching and visceral, the way you ended it felt like the verge of a scream that’s coming. Outstanding every which way. Hearing and seeing you read it adds a big dimension to its oomph.

  9. We wrote around similar themes – it must be something in the water, as we say here in the UK. It was lovely to hear you read it as well, beautifully measured and enunciated.

  10. Wonderful reading, especially with emphasis that delivers the bereft emotion this holds. Also, your repetition of “I’m” is very effective.

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