Meeting for breakfast at their restaurant was a bittersweet but silent end. The waitress, Dolly, greeted them with her usual smile and they found their table by the window.

“I got the paper to sign from my solicitor,” said Geoff.
“Fine,” she said “but at least let us take some coffee first”

Looking at the spring flowers outside they drank their Java in familiar silence. When Geoff’s face went crimson, and he grasped for air, she screamed:

“Call 911, it must be his heart”

She managed a quick nod to Dolly before the ambulance came.

© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Today Rochelle celebrates her 8th year hosting Friday Fictioneers, and for me this was my third time joining. This is what I wrote back then, and some of you might still recognize the story.

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October 21, 2020

28 responses to “Dolly

  1. Great story, Bjorn and good job packing so much in there. With these 100-word ones, it’s all about making the subtext do the heavy lifting. That Dolly is a tricky one.

  2. Wow. On my first quick read, I thought: oh, heart attack. He’s about to sign divorce papers and it got to him. Second read: notice the title, notice the second nod to Dolly. Oh! So well done, Bjorn!

  3. Oh dear! Dolly and her in cahoots! Bad women… Wondering how much he deserved that… Well done keeping us feeling all relaxed till the end!

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