Five days before All-Saints

The street lights reflecting in the wet asphalt and leaves cannot penetrate the deeper shadows beside the foot-path. We walk in silence as I think of my childhood, both my father and mother are dead while tomorrow me and my sister are going to sell our childhood home. No one has lived there since our mother moved to the nursery home, but that does not mean that it’s empty. We have memories to care for… not just us, but past generations live in that house. I wonder how to take care of my past. On Saturday I will go and put flowers on the grave of my parents.

a blanket  of leaves
summer memories slumber — 
this dismal drizzle

Today we write haibun about the season of Halloween with Frank at dVerse, It has really grown dark and rainy here in Stockholm. Now I need to go down to Gothenburg to clear out the house of my parents.

October 26, 2020

22 responses to “Five days before All-Saints

  1. Just looked on a map and see Gothenburg is quite a distance from Stockholm. Wondering if you’ll be sleeping there while you empty the house. It might be a chance to say goodbye.

  2. I’m sad for you, Bjorn. The family home becomes one and the same with our parents, and it is so hard to let them all go. The home and your parents live on in your memory… and perhaps in your words … for generations to come.

  3. So evocative and moving. Such a heavy task in front of you, Björn, I feel for you. We are in the midst of dealing with something very similar, both my partner and I. I wish you strength.

  4. A sad errand for All Saints Day, Björn. Having your sister there with you will hopefully make it a little easier, as you can talk about your memories. I like the contrast of ‘summer memories’ and ‘dismal drizzle’ in the haiku, which is how I imagine you and your sister will feel as you sort through the house contents.

  5. Your task, for all of us, is a rite of passage after the parents have past. I’m 10 years older than my wife, so it will be my crap that will have to be cleared out, a library on cinema, 30 scrapbooks, 1,500 (plus a copy of each) poems, 300 “long” film reviews, 60,000 digital photos, mementos from decade as a professional actor, 40,000 DVD’s.

  6. kaykuala
    Having to sell a family house tugs at the sentimental feelings of those nostalgic moments there before. It is only human!


  7. I’m sorry for your loss, Bjorn. Mira cleared out my mother’s things, while I sorted her unfinished business. I know that ache all to well. Evocatively conveyed, and heartfelt, your haibun is. Bravo!

  8. That was a very touching piece of Björn. It had a perfectly eerie kind of essence, just right for the season. Thank you for sharing that. Happy Halloween!

  9. Dear Björn, thank you for sharing your heart through your writing. This piece moved me very much, especially when you mention caring for memories. My home has three people’s memories in it and I think sometimes how I have, like you have, been given, been called to tend to these memories. Sending warm hugs from Vancouver.

  10. I am sorry for the loss of your parents. I think more than anything we are haunted by our memories and our past. I hope you find some release in the visit to the cemetery.

  11. it’s a big job, I did just this earlier this year, ideal activity for lockdown … but the long term association provides many memories. Sorry for your loss, and I hope you have time to savor the experience

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