Tomatillo harvest

Fermenting in my thoughts 
a pizza process
wake the starter
bubbling yearning yeast
and later
to knead the dough 
then add
with coriander leaves
chilled with chili,
tomatillos from the vine,

Then toss it,
cheese it,
top it with carnitas. 

broil and beat
I lick my fingers.
and don’t forget the kosher salt

tomorrow come
come share my bread

Fresh tomatillos from our garden

I made my first Salsa Verde with our homgrown tomatillos tonight. We will have it with a “mexican” sourdough pizza tomorrow.

Written as a stream of consciosness writing and the edited for Grace at dVerse.

August 13, 2020

27 responses to “Tomatillo harvest

  1. I like the word play, the alliteration and half rhyme, it’s a delightful piece about the creative process of making a meal and crafting a poem.

  2. First off your tomatillos look not only healthy but very pretty. Their leaves are lovely! Home-made salsa verde on Mexican sourdough pizza sounds fabulous. Yummy stream of consciousness!

  3. Glad you managed a poem, despite your bum left hand, Yummy is the apt word for this piece. I like the way you think.

  4. This is absolutely scrumptious, Bjorn! 💝 I love; “coriander leaves
    chilled with chili, tomatillos from the vine.” Yum! 🙂

  5. You left us all yearning for an invitation to your kitchen! I just like to say “need to knead”. For some reason it makes me smile!

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