22 responses to “Kayaking

  1. Wow, this is fascinating. I love your view of kayaking and the imagery of the sea, especially in these few lines:

    “of sea-tears kept
    to be savored,
    shared with this
    our sun.”

    That’s absolutely beautiful in figurative imagery. It describes the nature of the sea, its saltiness, and the glare of the sun amazingly. It’s very imaginative. What an excellent take on the prompt, I thoroughly enjoyed this!

  2. Enjoyed going kayaking with you very much. I’ve always thought it must be such a peaceful way to be out in a boat….no noise except maybe the oar splashing the water…..it seems like the kind of boat, because there’s no motor and you’re so close to the water itself in terms of sitting low in the kayak, that you can really experience the river/lake/and the wonderful scenery around you.

  3. I enjoyed your poem, Bjorn. My son and his wife kayak on occasion. My mother had a terror of water, and she taught me very well, so I’m afraid I have no boating tales to tell.

  4. True so very true, there is only one boat and that is the kayak. I say about my boats, kayaks, they start first pull every time. I do have a sail that I sometimes use on the ruddered kayak, which is kind of cool.
    Your poem rolls and rollicks, a delightful time on the water.

  5. That photo is gorgeous! I can feel the peacefulness of nature. This made me think of my many canoe trips. Just lovely

    I’m paddle-dipping,
    in your wake

  6. “Hip to hull,” caught there yet there is the freedom of you in a vast ocean away from everything you wish to leave behind


  7. Fantastic depiction of kayaking and gorgeous photo. You sure know how to make some beautiful waves.

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