Morning glory

His hands are dry
but in the corner of his eye
a lonesome teardrop traps
the joyful rays
of morning-sun.
as the library awakes.

From dust to vellum,
pressed between the breakfast
and his dreams,
in cipher, bled in verse
are garden blossoms inked.

Country Garden with Sunflowers by Gustav Klimt

Victoria hosts the Quadrille at dVerse today. The word is garden and we just add 44 more words.

August 10, 2020

28 responses to “Morning glory

  1. Oh yes, the librarian is back! Nice contrast between his dry hands and the teardrop. I can feel the space, the longing…”between the breakfast and his dreams”.

  2. Yes , welcome back. The librarian never ceases to please. I love your second stanza–incredible wordsmanship. Vellum is parchment, I guess.

  3. I adore Klimt, your ancient librarian and the idea of his lonesome tear drop capturing the morning sun rays.
    Welcome back, Bjorn. You’ve been missed!

  4. I wonder if your aged librarian has any plants growing in the windows? Perhaps he is more interested in his garden of verses! Very nice!

  5. Oh gosh–I love this. I always like your ancient librarian poems, but this one is really exquisite. The image of that teardrop, and those last lines!

  6. Hi Bjorn. Nice to see you back and you brought the old librarian to sit in the garden sun
    Happy Monday


  7. This whole poem is beautiful — from the teardrop trapping sun rays to the inked garden blossoms.
    I adore:
    “pressed between the breakfast
    and his dreams,
    in cipher, bled in verse
    are garden blossoms inked”
    Wow! Simply marvellous!

  8. Oh I how I missed my local library. I blew imaginary kisses to the staff when they reopened. The scent of ‘dust and vellum’ in air as only a library or bookstore can smell. Lovely write!

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