My wonderful life

You are the owl-shadowed wolf-
     hour dreaming of dust-moths
     dancing in afternoon sunshine.
the ballad barely remembered
     but happily hummed
     in the evening shower

In the dusk and at dawn,
     you are the poetry scribbled
     in haste on walls of
     gas-station restroom
both riddle and answer
     the reason I’m dying
     in pieces
     for each day I’m alive.

You are the manger and pyre,
     oppressor and birthright,
     the laws I’ve been bending
You are my reason for treason,
     both rules of rebellion
      and cause for compliance.
You      my wonderful life.

Live ammo (Ha! Ha! Ha!) by Roy Lichtenstein

This is for my own prompt at dVerse where we write list-poetry.
March 12, 2020

19 responses to “My wonderful life

  1. Life is chock full of contrasts, is it not?

    “the reason I’m dying
    in pieces
    for each day I’m alive.”
    That is such a killer line and a cold truth.

  2. Our minds were interlocked with this one. Your stirring piece illustrates all the subtle hints you outlined for us. Thanks for the plug, brother; atta-boys are hard to come by these days. You’re right, I use lists in a lot of my poetics.

  3. As individually eclectic as our lives, Bjorn, so well described. (I’m still processing “manger and pyre”.)

  4. Great poem, and the unity in duality comes great here. Between ice and fire… I have for long thought the world and us as the joke, the teller of the joke, the one laughing and the punch line. So no need to be so Sirius, when one can create something so beautiful! 😉

  5. Love the way this revolves Bjorn…”dust moths dancing” , “singing in the shower”, “gas station restrooms”…life happening!

  6. kaykuala

    both rules of rebellion
    and cause for compliance.

    Life can be fascinating given the care and thoughts behind it that make them fall into place if planned well.


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