Minor jerk

I wasn’t welcome
never asked

still my hands

snaked to places
of tantalizing softness
in unsolicited groping

and as we danced
I pressed my leg
between her thighs
to disco music
without an invitation.

I was never slapped
had to face disdain
in the classroom
the morning after.

I could have been
a hashtag too,
but I was only
one of many
sordid guys,

just a minor jerk
to be drunk.

Today we are writing taboos at dVerse where Amaya hosts. As a student many years ago, I was not a very pleasant guy. These days I would probably have deserved a minor hashtag. Not proud.

March 10, 2020

23 responses to “Minor jerk

  1. I admire you for this poem. It an ugly truth many men will never admit to. I’m glad you took some heat from your classmates at least.

  2. Excellent introspection and soul searching, brother. I wrote in Landai form, and charged headlong into sexual taboos, but it was not very self-deprecating–but 3 criteria out of 4 ain’t bad.

  3. kaykuala

    The technique seems to be universal. We heard of similar teenage happenings of innocence but effective. Yes, how to face up the next day! A good way is to pretend and act like strangers!


  4. Few of us were perfect in youth. If we think we were, then we won’t have learned from our behaviour, and that’s where the trouble really starts. Such excesses don’t go down so well in later life. I can remember getting very drunk once at lunchtime in my teens and going for a naked swim in a local river with a guy, and really pissing off some anglers by disturbing all the fish. I was very shy then, and booze the only way to disinhibit myself (never mind the embarrassment afterwards). I’m still quite shy, but barely ever drink now.

    I liked your honest confession, Bjorn, so decided to share one of my own.

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