Musca Domestica

I came home as usual after work and Lily was gone. Her absence struck me like a wrecking ball. The air inside was bachelor-stale and my mouth filled with bile.

Nauseous I threw up in the sink before I opened an “Old Milwaukee” and sat down listening to a drowsy blowfly bouncing against the kitchen-window.

Trapped like me.

She had kissed me goodbye this morning but didn’t even bother saying goodbye. There wasn’t any note on the kitchen table, no lipstick message on the bathroom mirror, but her wardrobe was empty and she had taken the cash I kept in the cookie-jar.

I don’t know why I was surprised.

Every time love started or ended, you are left within an aching hush, but Lily was different than Kate, Bella and the other sluts.

Smart girl, Lily… she probably found their bodies in the basement.

Today we write Prosery with Merril at dVerse. We have to write in 144 words or less and incorporate the line “I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended”.

March 16, 2020

23 responses to “Musca Domestica

  1. Let’s hear it for the dark side! You packed a lot of plot into a few lines. It feels like the last chapter in a Poe short story.

  2. The opening paragraph is very immediate and puts the reader right into the story. I love the phrase ‘The air inside was bachelor-stale’ and the ‘drowsy blowfly bouncing against the kitchen-window’ is ominous. The short, isolated sentences are very effective and intriguing. You and Lill are on the same dark wavelength today!

  3. Ah….you too went to the dark side with your twist ending! 🙂 Sympatico!
    Really liked these descriptive lines
    “sat down listening to a drowsy blowfly bouncing against the kitchen-window. Trapped like me.”

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