Forbidden fruit

Smooth against my lips,
her blushing skin
is tempting me
with vows of sweetness;
Her scent invites me with
a pledge to dare
to let me dip my cravings
deeper in the softness
of her floral flesh,
to fruition of her inner core
and that’s the reason
she’s been named
an apple,
a forbidden fruit.

Apples in a Basket on a Table Henri Fantin-Latour

Today we write about apples at dVerse with Anmol. Come join us in the orchard, I am sure he will serve Cider.

March 3, 2020

18 responses to “Forbidden fruit

  1. Interesting, biblically, that an apple became the forbidden fruit; why not a fig? Your poem works like gangbusters, pure Bjorn–romantic with a twist.

  2. As they say, forbidden fruit always tastes sweetest, Björn. Your poem is so sensual, and I enjoyed the lines:
    ‘…let me dip my cravings
    deeper in the softness
    of her floral flesh,
    to fruition of her inner core’.

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  4. Delicious writing, Björn!
    I loved this bit in particular: “a pledge to dare/to let me dip my cravings/deeper in the softness/of her floral flesh”. 🙂

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