Mars, ashamed

I never saw the sky that evening when Mars was bright. It was overcast and my thoughts were traveling on insignificant spreadsheet trajectories while I twilight-pedaled on my way home from work. Yet somewhere in the back of my mind, the recent news of the final bombings in Syria kept reminding me of how murder is renamed to war. I reached the final stretch on my way home where the bicycle path meanders close to water, and darkness deeper. I focused all my attention on the small bright cone of light where the path seemed clear. Maybe for a warrior, his quest is just a flashlight in the dark. No wonder Mars is bright; ashamed behind its veil of clouds.

crossing my path —
a fieldmouse in its jaws
the charcoal cat

Today Frank hosts haibun Monday at dVerse, with the topic being Mars. I thought of Mars as a harbinger of war and merged it with my bicycling home from work.
March 2, 2020

13 responses to “Mars, ashamed

  1. It’s amazing what one thinks about on cycle rides after a long day at work, as seen in your dual paths of thought, Björn. I like the comparison of your bicycle flashlight with Mars, and the cat with the field mouse in its jaws reminded me of our Luna – she often brings them home.

  2. Take care, Bjorn. A black cat crossing your path is said to be bad luck. Indeed it was bad luck for the field mouse!

  3. The quality of resonance in the text and haiku is clever. Bravo on a really nice take


  4. You had me at when /murder was renamed to war/. A powerful haibun, that packs both political and moral fists. A great way to start on the trail.

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