We the people

We always knew that truth is only facts that we, the people, feel. That’s why we always claim our birthright to the soil you walk upon (with dirty feet), our facts are on our side and you who don’t agree are wrong. You are never us; will never be; you non-people, vermins! slugs! you, the nonbelievers, the heretics.

You should bend to us, to superiority, and lay down your rights for us. We are not preposterous and if you only bow to us, if you stay humble, silent, we promise you our mercy to receive the gift of crumbs we leave. We promise you; you will have the right to work for food if you only stay away so we never have to see your ugly faces. We are good and decent, you are thieves and rapists, but we are willing to forgive, to love despite your dark deficiencies if you never stand too close to us.

We crave order, we need laws protecting assets claimed by us. You need to wash your hands before you touch our cars! You are contagious, FILTH! Why did you make us ban the DDT!

How can you talk about your rights? We are the only victims to your system, we are the people, declined our birthright to be first.

You are the virus causing damage to the DOW.
We are humans, you are not.

For Poetry sand storytellers united on the subject of “Contagion” I write about the virus of polarization that seems to sweep the world. I hope that that you don’t think this represents my own views or that I see my self included in the we of my prose poem manifesto.

March 1, 2019

21 responses to “We the people

  1. Yep, this is what it can feel like to be “other” in my country sometimes. Even if things go the way I’d like them to in November (and that’s a big if), this situation won’t change overnight. I have some hope in the youth of today. At least the ones I see are thoughtful, open-minded, and engaged. I just don’t know if the mess we’re in will let them have a chance to really lead.

  2. Brilliant piece Bjorn. I’m sure many around the world read this and see issues in their pen culture of polarization between 2 different groups

  3. In this time in the USA, I keep wondering what has happened to “We the People.”

  4. My goodness, this is such a potent write, Bjorn! A manifesto that needs to reach as many as possible! 💝

  5. Germs taking the form of conquering stone gods. Every thing has been upended but we are being put in our place for sure.

  6. A very spot on, important and timely piece, Björn. There’s no end to the “We the People”. It’s everywhere, and that’s the sad state of our times.

  7. One feels, perhaps, if this were the way it was phrased, some of the speechifying would be seen for how hateful it is. Clear and painfully stated.

  8. Speaks well for the fact today of “we” and “they” and the total lack of “us”.

  9. This brings to mind the Borg–the sense superiority and entitlement, how they are convinced of their perfection, how they believe everything and everyone would be better if they are assimilated by their greatness. And yes, it also reminds me of so many people who probably don’t see many of us as anything else but an infection.

    True and devastating.

  10. This has a nasty bite! (No, I don’t think anyone could mistake these views for your real ones.) Very pertinent, well-chosen image used in the illustration, too.
    The sad fact is that revolutionaries, if they succeed in toppling the dominant regime, pretty soon become a new version of what they have ousted.

  11. It is a big fat mess isn’t it without a hope in hell of reversing itself… the divides are deep and complete and all bridges effectively burnt. And yet, maybe there is a way…some way…

  12. Nature does turn up with famines and plagues occasionallyto cut back our ever increasing population. Pity it is not more selective to pick out all the cruel and/or greedy humans that have no real value.

  13. A thought provoking prose piece. You took the prompt in a very interesting – extremely impactful – direction, Bjorn.

  14. We are a world of laws, borders, and governments. I hear this poem and agree with it in part – but… legal vs. illegal? Immigrants and Refugees of course are not the same, but legal is very important. Sigh – this is not a simple topic nor is there a simple solution. Feelings, of course, run huge and if we are close to such a situation – if we put an actual face to a specific case, we often feel a bit differently. Thought provoking poem!

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