Wild in wild

Wild in wild your rolling waves,
O surge of silence, you — my sea.
Today you are as smelted lead
no froth no crests
kindly coiling
beneath this pewter sky,
Today, you rest
but there below I sense
your snake-like strength
how you may rise
to break my bones
in the briny cauldron of a winter storm.

Wild in wild your scent of salt,
your hands are kelp
your seaweed, hair.
You, my mistress-sea,
O, may we dance with you
my boat and me?

Mountains on the shore
by Arkhip Kuindzhi

This is for my own prompt on alliteration, assonance, and consonance at Dve<a href="http://“>rse. I wanted you to hear the sound of the sea, and I hope it works for you too.

January 30, 2020

24 responses to “Wild in wild

  1. the rise and fall of words much like being lulled by the sea, the crests and rest especially lovely to the ear when read aloud.

  2. Poetic license accepts “me”, but you may want to “scent” the salt! Great poem, Bjorn.

  3. You’ve lulled me, even with the coiling that can crush bones. You know our Great Lakes are fair-weathered friends, but fatal foes in storms also.

  4. Thank you for bringing me the sound of the sea this morning, Björn! I see you started and ended with echoes of Monday’s quadrille word, repeated, alliterative and full of movement. I love the way you claim it in ‘’my sea’ and ‘my mistress-sea’, and the assonance in ‘smelted lead’, ‘crests’ and ‘rest’, creating a false sense oi security, which is disrupted by the lines:
    ‘to break my bones
    in the briny cauldron of a winter storm’.

  5. I love so many details about this poem/song. The “wild in wild” is glorious, and these lines I keep repeating, “to break my bones
    in the briny cauldron of a winter storm.” Glorious!

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