Jack of spades

We raised foolish fake-gold colonnades
and slipped our feeble silver-coins
into the sweaty hands of the brooding
colonel of the underworld
to perk a fickle
crescent smile
from the bottom of his scythe-like heart.

But, you can never break an iron-rod
and sunshine cannot raise from dirt.

That’s why his fabling blessings seethe with ash.

Linked to Kerry’s list of words and Joy Annes’s Flash 55.
February 2, 2020

4 responses to “Jack of spades

  1. “…to perk a fickle/crescent smile/ from the bottom of his scythe-like heart….” I love the way the vowels and images are so fluid, and the sounds of the consonants here both clash and ring, and that image of reaping, all of which seem to carry well the message of a dystopian society, broken and corrupt, held up in the ashes and darkness by iron rods for all to see and beware. A very effective combination of two prompts, Bjorn–something that can be hard to pull off. Thanks for participating in the 55 this week.

  2. Bravo, Bjorn! What an excellent piece of portraiture with highly original use for the Skylover wordlist!

  3. Awesome photography! I feel lucky today to see the beauty of photography. It was really great inspirational post. What a memorable experience it was for us!

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