Airport dreaming

In my jacket pocket,
No. I had it before
and my ticket somewhere,

There, deep in the back pocket of my jeans,
where is the gate A-45?
“Don’t leave your luggage unattended”,

Need to check…
Just need to close my carry-on again,
how did I fit the computer inside?

And there under the sofa
isn’t that my Ipad?

“Gate has changed for flight 753 to Stockholm”
That’s terminal B, back through security,

Running. Pulse racing,

“Last call for flight 753”

and awake.

Lillian wants us to ponder dreaming at dVerse, and this is my repeated dream. Hope your dreams are better.

January 28, 2020

29 responses to “Airport dreaming

  1. That gate change sounds like a layover I had in Atlanta, where the distance between the two terminals seemed to be twice as long as the window between flights.

  2. This dream is all too familiar, Björn! I’m thankful we have a duvet and no sheets, otherwise I might have strangled my husband!

  3. Hah- you turned your anxiety dream into a poem. I tried (the one where my ex and his wife come to my wedding and she insists on wearing a dress identical to mine, right to the last minute, when she changes, and then everyone wonders what I was so upset about). Ahem. Anyway, I got anxious all over again just trying to write it. But you give me inspiration!

  4. I have had a few airport dreams, they seem to go to many different places. The last one I had I couldn’t find my gate and I was pulling a beautiful blue suitcase.

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