Still life with apples

No more honey bees
no bumblebees
no butterflies
no flies or moth
no buzz of wilderness
to pollinate

and afterward
silent orchard workers climb
the trees to gently brush
the petals of the apple bloom,
so you can later taste
forbidden fruit
with pesticides.

Still Life with Apples, a Pear and a Ceramic Portrait Jug by Paul Gauguin

A quadrille for using the word wild for dVerse, also linking to earthweal where Sherry wants us to write about the animals of climate change. As many of you knows bees and many insects are dying. There are many reasons, pesticides diseases, and climate change. Somehow I think this goes back to the forbidden fruits of Eden.

January 27, 2020

26 responses to “Still life with apples

  1. This is, indeed, tragic. The misperception of the symbiosis of bees and flowers, and this idea that we’ll just fumble on without them. You’ve put it so simply and starkly. Let the world heed the poets!

  2. Oh wow! I knew it was coming from the first stanza, no more bumble bees etc….but you drive the knife in at the end. Subtlety be damned.

  3. Bjorn, I was born in apple orchard country, now sprouting condominiums instead of fruit. So this poem really speaks to me. Apples used to taste so good right off the tree. The pesticides have really messed everything up. As a child, I used to swing on the gate while big trucks went up and down our streets spraying DDT to kill the mosquitoes. It is a wonder I hve lived this long. LOL. Lovely to see you at Earthlink, though this week I think I have depressed everyone.

  4. Oh, Bjorn, it truly is a horrible situation. So distressing about all of the pollinators. I cannot that humans will be able to exist without them. I can just picture those silent orchard workers silently trying to replace what bees or butterflies had done. I wonder if that is really possible. It would be a momentous task.

  5. Behind all the reasons for the vanishing of bees and insects — pesticides, diseases, and climate change — there is always a human hand. That’s why they call it the Anthropocene, and those bees of the visible — us humans — are steadily at work here, forcing the work with fraudulent hands & producing forbidden fruit. Well done.

  6. Yes, it’s getting to look more and more like Soylent Green, Bjorn. There seems to be no limit on the number of species we think we can live without. An elegant little quadrille that says volumes.

  7. Hmmmm, unlike you not to reciprocate on my blog, Bjorn. I was the 8th one to comment yours. Not sure why no visit this time. Sighn.

  8. And it’s nothing we can wash off our fruit, no matter how we scrub. My brother-in-law is trying to be a beekeeper but he lost both hives last year.

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