I knew

When from the sea her wildness blew,
Alone I watched the lighthouse shine
through crested waves the ship and you,
a way to shelter from her lethal brine.
Alone I saw the helmsman tighten lines
his pockmarked face, his dying crew,
Alone                                 I knew

Ship in the Stormy Sea by Ivan Aivazovsky

Today we are doing Quadrilles at dVerse with Kim. The word to use is wild in a poem of 44 words exactly.

January 27, 2019

33 responses to “I knew

  1. The pockmarked face is such a delicious detail. And the mysterious “I” and the knowing are so full of foreboding. I also love the illustration. Amazing, the magical journey you can conjure up in 44 words!

  2. You’ve voiced witness to the perfect storm. Did you ever see that movie? Gloucester, MA is a short commuter rail ride from Boston and is the home of the ship the movie was about. The sea can be a robber or a nourishing realm.

  3. I am just back from watching some wild waves of my own so this poem suits my mood perfectly……..I LOVE the ending! My friend flipped his small zodiac the other night in cold winter waves. He climbed up onto the bottom, which was now the top, and luckily a boat came along soon to rescue him. It can happen just that fast.

  4. This is written in your trademark fashion. It leaves the reader wondering what became of the crew. What turmoil lurked beyond the waves of knowledge?

  5. Love, love the image and the way you bring the pockmarked face of the helmsmen into view. I want to help him!!!

  6. Pretty striking arrangement. It is hard to boil down to 44 words and still say something meaningful. You did a spectacular job of that!

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