One is laced with frost
its mate besmirched in blaze;
my Janus-eyed mate, my dream-wolf,
wordlessly impaling my sleep.

Stare-asking —she mutely peers
delightfully, with deliberate intent
why my pay-check matters more
than our cubs; our wood-life-dreams.

I wake alone, snarl-mouthed,
tree-sap rushing in my veins, sensing
that today I have another chance
to take a road less traveled.

Linked to the Sunday Muse, and the Writer’s Pantry.
January 12, 2019

34 responses to “Dream-wolf

  1. This is so incredibly smart and inspired. Seeing “Fire and Ice” in those eyes, breaking after “frost,” ending with “road less traveled” … so clever.

    I love “stare-asking” and “snarl-mouthed.” Also the Janus reference.

    The opening two lines are my favorites.

  2. A great line: “wordlessly impaling my sleep”. Some dreams are like this, hinting that they have more to impart than your average dream. Something to pay attention to. I love the opportunity at the end.

  3. Ah – to see through different eyes in the dream-time. We can learn much from our mates in another reality.

    I admit I was a bit disturbed about caring more for the paycheck then the den.

    Your poetry always makes me stop and dig deeper into the message of each line.

  4. I absolutely love this! There is such incredible word-smithing throughout especially; “my Janus-eyed mate, my dream-wolf,
    wordlessly impaling my sleep.”💝

  5. I luv your conjured adjectives. This is magical.
    Happy Sunday. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Björn


  6. We don’t often get another chance. When it’s presented to us, we need to take it—and run with it!

  7. “stare-asking” and “snarl-mouthed” from dreaming of the wolf to becoming one. Sometimes the change is as swift as waking.

  8. Howling with approval at this one! Smack on the nose intensity. I’m totally using ‘stare-asking’ someday, somewhere. It is a phrase that needed to be breathed into existence and I will fret if I ever lose the urgency I feel from the separate-but-put-together-differently words and how they come together. And I am now questioning whether I have too many hyphens in the preceding sentence or too few. I will dash with my disorganized thoughts unfinished and bay at whatever moon looks down from the snow dark sky!

  9. Ouch! A bleak reality indeed, and the fox image makes it come alive. I see in its face just that determination to move off in another direction.

  10. You always work wonder with your words Bjorn. ‘frost’ beginning and ‘Frost’ ending ! We as readers enjoy equal delight that you have in composing & constructing your lines. Wowzers!

  11. Nice to read, Bjorn. “Grandpa, what a long nose you have” came to mind for me.
    Thank you for visiting while I was on Sabbatical, now I’m getting things back to regular.

  12. As for wolves, for humans, eh? That old dilemma, when working to feed the family means less time spent with them. Among much wonderful phraseology, I particularly like ‘wood-life dreams’ and ‘snarl-mouthed’.

  13. What a dream, Björn, and great poem. It certainly seem to tell you
    something. A road less travelled can be harder but more filled with
    life and inspiration.


  14. There are so many times our dreams speak to us about what we need to do in those open eyed hours of conscious action.

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