At night our pyre glows
with sudden flares
as tongues, ensnaring trees,

by us,
the virtuos wardens
turned to butchers,
hangmen and assassins;

we, the undertakers
watch our garden change
to ash,
while asking why
Champagne we share
is torched to vinegar.

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January 9, 2019

27 responses to “Self-cremation

  1. Truly we have been, and are poor wardens and caretakers, but the blame for catastrophe is a global climatic pastiche; perhaps it’s not too late.

  2. The image of ‘champagne’ being torched to vinegar puts me in the mind of unpredictability and danger. A timely write, Bjorn.

  3. Relevant, timely and very worrying, Björn, especially the lines:
    ‘we, the undertakers
    watch our garden change
    to ash,
    while asking why
    Champagne we share
    is torched to vinegar.’

  4. A very poignant write Björn, there continues to be a huge lack of understanding how the way we treat nature impacts us all.

  5. The “we” is critical to owning up where things are on Earth. We are the butchers and undertakers, complaining about the Champagne. Thanks for sharing this at earthweal.

  6. Why indeed. This is supremely well-crafted, Bjorn, and concisely lists so much that is heart-breaking. Once we were the husbanders of Nature, and her worshipers–now we are her undertakers.

  7. A relevant tombstone for humanity, would read: The species that crapped, in its own bed. As we peruse instant wealth, at the cost of the environment of the around us, and the other creatures that share this planet with us.

  8. Great title. Powerful poem. I liked the way it ended with a new year toast turned sour.

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