Our reason to get drunk

They came with the tide, as if the moon had a story to tell.

Seabirds had eaten their eyes and death stared back from the voids that were left.

They once were a family.

The female’s hands were clasped around the toddler’s body. She had once been attractive but with greyish skin and pink froth covering her lips she seemed closer to mollusk than human.

The male had an open head-wound; probably from a desperate oar or the bow of a boat.

Can you blame a desperate man?

After the hearse had left we drank the wine we had left.

I thought about the part of the beach that you see and what the sea might bring in with the tide.

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January 8, 2019

34 responses to “Our reason to get drunk

  1. Great description with this one. I expected the bodies to become animated. Michael Jackson Thriller by the sea. Instead, you pulled emotion – well done.

  2. I’ve met some people that seem closer to mollusk than human.

    Well painted images superbly written.

    P.S. – I love the frog. Soon as you pick up some more wine we’ll begin disecting him.

  3. This is so full of horror and sadnes… with a perfect title. Very timely, too. When you don’t look away, getting drunk is deserved.

  4. A dark and visceral story,the empty staring eye sockets.Shades of a horror story. There was something creepy about the story teller and friends drinking the family’s wine.

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