Iron Man

A Man of fortitude shall
forge Himself,
and know how iron
can be tied to muscle-manacles,
be gasoline and guns
be best to boast
but loath how flowers
can be formed in verse.

A Man of valor knows
the iron-taste of blood,
knows the weight
of chains and locks
but fails to hear
the heartbeats from a book.

A Man of steel can build
the walls of libraries
but He will leave
and never be librarian.

Muscle man standing by Hans Baldung

Today we shall write about the elements at dVerse where Sarah hosts.

17 responses to “Iron Man

  1. Toxic masculinity right there. Those men who chain themselves to an image, and can’t stop and enjoy the flowers, or read the books. I like your repetition of iron, and your use of it as a metaphor. Perfect response, Bjorn.

  2. Snap! We both chose to write about iron, Björn, with such very different results. I’m so pleased you wrote about the aged librarian, although in an enigmatic way. I love the phrase ‘tied to muscle-manacles’ and the idea of hearing ‘the heartbeats from a book’.

  3. You painted his character very well Bjorn. Strength does not only mean physical as well , but also what is inside – hearing the heartbeats from the book. Love this Librarian series Bjorn.

  4. It so good to be a Gemini, a warrior poet, with a foot in each sphere, and therefore immune to your metaphor; I jest. Incredible job, brother, words with iron ribs that are inscribed with flowers.

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