My winter howl

I’m your moon-howl princess,
dearest to the darkness,
your mistress lady-paw
of claw-fanged specter,
I will never let
my snowscape motherhood
of finest fashion-fur
be lost to rifled forestry
and faked pretense
of male bravado.

Let moonlight spill
its Prussian innocence
on fiercest fir
and sassy spruce.

If you just let me stay
awhile to howl
for stars
for fangs and fur and us.

A Mexican gray wolf, Canis lupus baileyi.

I host at dVerse today and as a challenge I ask you to write a poem from an unfamiliar perspective. I rewrote a poem that I wrote the other for Sherri’s prompt at toads. I shifted my perspective from being me talking to the wolf to be the wolf, and though I also changed the poem a little bit, I really feel that the poem became stronger, making the wolf self-sufficient…

November 7, 2019

16 responses to “My winter howl

  1. I dreams they say we dream from many perspectives ie you are every person that is within the dream – and I find this a fascinating concept – you poem is gripping – perhaps I need to become more multi dimensional in my poetry which will then free up my thinking – I often have inner dialogue with myself but why not broaden it out. Perhaps schizophrenics are already using this useful tool but are lost in it rather than being able to call on it at will.

  2. You and Rob, the Brotherhood of Wolves; loved it. Until I saw the picture at the bottom, I imagined that you were referring to a female werewolf or vampire.

  3. I like the voice of confidence in survival and in maintaining the connection with her mate. I believe in her, that she can outwit her predators.

  4. I’m starting to think I prefer the first person voice–it really intensifies the feeling here, even though the words aren’t that different. I do think the poem has become stronger. (K)

  5. I enjoyed your poem the first time around, Björn, and I agree that the shift to being the wolf has made a difference. I also changed my poem a little bit – you have to when the angle is widened or narrowed – and you’ve become a she-wolf! I love the use alliteration in ‘dearest to the darkness’ and the phrase ‘your mistress lady-paw
    of claw-fanged specter’.

  6. Well done, Björn. Just a few days have passed since you wrote the original, so as I look at both of them I feel like you’ve offered a window into your editing process. The first person narrative exudes strength, and your rewording, including the alliteration in the second stanza, makes the poem a stronger piece.

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