Morning Potion

Carefully Giselle ground Blue Mountain beans, brewed them to perfection and it was ready just as Mark rushed down the stairs.

He took the cup, leaving without goodbye.

Discussions yesterday had been frank, and they had agreed that she would be gone before he was back tonight.

She could be reasonable and just had to pack her clothes.

“Coffee… “, Giselle mumbled.
“He loves his morning-potion bitter.”

She smiled at her reflection… no plastic surgery needed.

“Coffee… Mark wouldn’t notice any bitterness from strychnine”

She made herself a cup of tea while waiting.

After all, there wasn’t any rush to pack.

© Ronda Del Boccio

I seem to only be able to write about murder these days. Well if you only see potion when you see nice little bottles like that you have have to go with the flow.

Rochelle saw hair dyes this week… visit her wonderful site and admire what a little purple can do.

The frog below takes you to more stories.

November 6, 2019

45 responses to “Morning Potion

  1. Well, frankly, he says he wants her out before he gets home and he’s stupid enough to take a cup of coffee? More power to her…

  2. Frankly if I’d told someone to be out by the time I got home I wouldn’t accept anything prepared by them. But then I’ve probably read too many murder stories. I wouldn’t worry about being stuck in a genre – it will pass.

  3. Dear Bjorn,

    Well then, at least he likes his coffee bitter. Now she’ll have to play the grieving widow. I wonder how that will work for her. Good one.



    • She will be a grieving widow a while while having a fling with the pool-boy. Then she will have an affair with the pro at the country club before settling with a new husband…

      She is already researching other toxins.

  4. Giselle has planned her moves really well and after a lot of thought. Only problem is autopsy may detect strychnine and it may lead back to home. She must clean up her kitchen before police comes.

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