A (s)hallow potion

Blend your potion dark and strong with umbra,
add an adder’s tongue and warmth of tundra,
mix with splinters from the hangman’s gallow,
a spider’s web and some prayers shallow.
Then stir it widdershins eleven times,
add lies, excuses for for a killer’s crime,
Then drink it warm while bell strikes thirteen
It cures arthritis and mend a failing spleen.

Two Old Ones Eating Soup / The Witchy Brew by Francisco Goya

A little recipe for dVerse OLN where Linda hosts.

October 31

23 responses to “A (s)hallow potion

  1. I like the wordplay in the title, Björn, and the Macbeth-style potion brewing is nicely done. I’d be careful with the ‘splinters from the hangman’s gallow’, they’re probably sharp!

  2. A fun and terrific Halloween poem. The Macbeth vibe works well, and the rhyme scheme helped. I liked it, but miss the aged librarian.

  3. This is such a fabulous potion, Bjorn! ❤️ I love; “mix with splinters from the hangman’s gallow, a spider’s web and some prayers shallow.” Happy Halloween 😀

  4. Fantastic, Bjorn. Loved the fatc your potion was made of physical things and intangible ones too ‘ add lies, excuses for a killer’s crime’ being my personal favourite 🙂

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