Cleaning up

He had left her empty — Void.

Emelie sorted through Marten’s paper — left behind were bills and more bills — left for her to pay. Jewelry, fancy dining, five star hotels, her Gucci dress

Marten claimed he went to Vegas strictly for business.

BITCH,” droplets of spit speckled his mahogany desk.

She knew all along about his dirty laundry.
She also knew how to clean his mess.

Bodies were easily dissolved in hydrochloric acid and after some suitable time for mourning he would be declared dead.

Of course she would protest but at least his life insurance policy was paid.

I looked at all the empty bowls and what stuck with me was empty. Then I thought that my body-count has been a little bit low so I thought… what the heck, let us have some murders this week.

Rochelle always set the example and leads us in the story-telling effort called Friday Fictioneers. Hundred words on the same picture.

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36 responses to “Cleaning up

  1. Well aren’t you the joyful one… She is a right nasty one, isn’t she? Methinks there has been more than one body in her past..

  2. Wouldn’t it have been easier – and safer – just to divorce him? However much one might feel like killing the bas****d, a life looking over one’s shoulder would be hell!

  3. When she does the cleaning she does the cleaning… Not one I want to mess with. I’ll admit I got a chuckle from your inspiration: “I thought that my body-count has been a little bit low”. The only problem is that technically you erased this one from your body count 😉

  4. Got to keep that body count up! I feel like her experience has made it easy for her to make a sideways move into the contract-killer industry. I could feel her anger bubbling beneath the surface.

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