Autumn breath

Exhale — let spirit
with first November’s
mud-born shadows,
rancid, ripe and fungi-filled,
drizzled, eye-lid-burdened-born
in autumn’s lack of light.

Exhale — let loose
remaining light,
this reek of death-decay;
because this night
is ruler, over-shadow-lord and king.

Exhale — let hope be faint
a candle-flicker
moon-tongued ghost
be stark,
     You, still strong.

Autumn Breath by Jason Limberg
Used With Permission

For Kerry at toads, 55 words for a very dark start of November.

November 2, 2019

10 responses to “Autumn breath

  1. Your poetry is always so rich (the best description I can conjure) … this one no exception.

  2. I find it interesting that it is all exhale, and never once an inhale. There is only so much we can put out if we don’t bring in *something*. There will be nothing left of us if we keep doing that. The last line then seems to be a study in self-deception, more of a wish than anything based in reality.

  3. I can’t help read this in a voice like a witch’s chant over a black kettle of potion…

  4. Yes, it sounds like an incantation…I too love your second stanza…dark and delightful poetry

  5. A most beautiful poem, Bjorn. You have captured the mood of the season in the scents of decay, the reminder of endings but also the breath of life that clings to hope.

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