Sloe in spring

It’s not the thorny scent
of blooming sloe in spring,
not its delicate lace hiding the sharp barbs
not the warmth of sun
    while walking barefoot late in May
but the dark decay and mildew
    reeking from the dusty corners
of my childhood room,
where once
I did my homework
    while warming my hands on the desk-lamp,
that follows in my wake,
as I sort through the pack-rat memories
mother left for me.

Today Sarah wants us to use our senses to describe a story or a character at dVerse. This I think quite closely describe my childhood and the process of cleaning out our family home that still lies before me.

October 29, 2019

19 responses to “Sloe in spring

  1. A wonderful premise and message. I’m in the winter of my life now, at the point where I look at the childhood artifacts with new/old eyes, and begin to let go of them.

  2. Do we have any say in what memories will return to us, when faced with a well that has gone untapped for so long? The hardest part would be sorting through them, to know which to keep.

  3. I love the sibilance in the title, Björn, and that you have given us a glimpse of spring. You’ve captured this particular memory of your childhood, appealing beautifully to the senses by contrasting ‘thorny scent’ and ‘warmth of sun / while walking barefoot late in May’ with ‘dark decay and mildew / reeking from the dusty corners’.

  4. Lovely Björn, I particularly like the closing ‘I sort through the pack-rat memories mother left for me.’ yet you write the poem, not as the end, but as a beginning.

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