The autumn leaves,
still hesitant to leave,
are like my poems
desperately seeking
questions better fitting
every manifold
of vagrant answers
waiting to decay.

A very short poem written for Kerry’s prompt at toads on Metamodernism being cognizant of the fact that we are the voice of a new culture of literature/art/communication and that our voice, our point of view and our philosophy of human relations, here and now, is part of something much bigger than us which, paradoxically, cannot exist without you.

13 responses to “Hesitant

  1. I love the analogy between the leaves and your poems……..”vagrant answers waiting to decay.” Awesome.

  2. To me, you are a fine example of a metamodernist writer and thinker. Thank you for these fallen leaves.

  3. “vagrant answers waiting to decay,” is so poignant! I agree with Kerry 🙂 you are an excellent example of a meta-modernist writer and thinker. ❤️

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