Two bodies

Two bodies
are neither timeless
nor the pair of pebbles
on a lonesome shore
being ground into sand.

Two bodies
are neither winter dusk
nor the warmth
of bed sheets drying
in the sun.

Two bodies
are sometimes like the
further feathers
in a line of six.

Two bodies
are both beginning
and the last of winter ashes
wind-spread, lost.

but two bodies
are nothing,
nought if one
is facing north
while the other follows suit
with downcast eyes.

Adam and Eve expelled from Paradise
by Auguste Rodin

Today Laura inspires us at dVerse Poetics with three different translated poems by three different poets, mine is inspired by Octavio Paz’s poem with the same name.

August 13, 2019

16 responses to “Two bodies

  1. We chose the same poem to ‘translate’! I’m glad you chose to stay with the repetition, Björn, and developed the idea so beautifully. I love the lines:
    ‘Two bodies
    are neither winter dusk
    nor the warmth
    of bed sheets drying
    in the sun’.

  2. Wise words, Bjorn. Two bodies ARE nought unless both face the same direction with similar goal.

  3. I like the affirmation in the repetition and agree with Kim on that sensational second stanza – the third one has me intrigued
    [I hesitate to sound pedantic especially as you write in a language not your own but in that context I believe the word is ‘ground’ rather than ‘grinded’]

  4. I, too chose Paz to emulate. I really like where your 2 bodies went and ended up. I hope my 2 bodies can be worked with as cleverly. You were missed, brother.

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