Jed opened another beer for his brother Johnny tying an apron around the portion of his belly that once held his waist.

“Barbecuing… that’s man’s work… ever since the caves, we’re the handlers of fire and meat”.

The busy chattering of women working in the kitchen mingled with suburbian sounds as Jed called out:

“Jenna, when should I fire up?”

“Dear… whenever you feel like… ”

But when Jed lightened his Zippo the Weber exploded bringing down their garden canopy.
“… what the heck.”, Johnny screamed pouring beer over his beard on fire.

“Guess, I shouldn’t have used gasoline… “, mumbled Jed.

© Jan Wayne Fields

Hello everyone. I have been on summer hiatus for a few weeks but now I felt ready to write a short story again. Summer has passed with a few occasion to light up the grill also in Sweden… but now it’s back to normality again.

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August, 14, 2019

29 responses to “Cavemen

  1. Sounds about like a lot barbecues I’ve attended. One reason to hide from most backyard events in the summer…. Actually, I use my grill all year, even when I have to shovel the snow from around it – we aren’t as cold in New Hampshire as in Sweden, but the snow piles around my grill are often taller than me 😉

  2. Funny, my Dad used to make bonfires by throwing petrol all over the fire, standing next to it, cigarette in mouth, lighting the cigarette with a match and throwing said match on the fire, turning away to avoid the sudden heat blast!

  3. Dear Björn,

    I hope this doesn’t describe any of your grillings out over the summer. 😉 Nice to see you back in any event. Let’s hope that Jed has learned that less is more and gasoline isn’t the best way to fuel a fire. Nicely done…your story…not Jed’s grilling.



  4. Good to have you back, Bjorn. We’re hoping summer isn’t quite over yet, though the weather lately would have taken that gazebo over the fields and far away.

  5. Welcome back from vacation, Bjorn. Gasoline is meant for one thing and it isn’t barbecuing. Personally, I wouldn’t want to eat anything cooked on a barbecue that smelled strongly of gasoline. A good and amusing story. 🙂 — Suzanne

  6. Wow, Gasoline is for driving cars AND barbecuing, Even alcohol is not a preferred liquid to douse a fire. But, if your beard’s on fire ‘ your beard’s on fire! Cute story!

  7. Hoo boy! He got off lightly. Good thing he had a beard, or his face could have been destroyed. I guess he didn’t inherit the “fire and meat” gene after all 🙂

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