They only SCREAM

bleeding SENSE

with voices
to metaphors
trickling TRUTHs

(through sieves
of censorship)

and IF you hold
the KEY
to poetry
to art

freedom SPEAKS
in brushstrokes BLED
on the canvas of

Forbidden literature (The use of the Word) by Rene Magritte

A second quadrille in honor of all the brave dissidents of the world.

August 12, 2019

25 responses to “Dissidecency

  1. I love the wordplay, Björn, the rhymes, and the use of capitalisation is genius! I especially like ‘syllaBLED’ and ‘paraBLED’.

  2. Disturbing to me how all our shouting can lead to bloodshed…like hate spewed online by mass shooters. I read a warning in your poem!

  3. In so many places the cost of dissent is paid for in blood. But when the oppressive regimes they oppose have taken more than their share of suffering, many people feel it worth the price.

    Also I don’t know if this is the link you tried to post to the Toads today, but it’s displaying as blank. You’ll need to try adding it again.

  4. Why must dissenting voices so often bleed before they are heard? Is it because our structures are more interested in power and self-preservation than serving? Change is a fight against so many entropies. Bjorn, thank you for this. Well done friend.

  5. Sometimes voices must bleed to be heard. (Oh I see Lona just voiced my thought!). but it’s true, and sadly true. Otherwise no one pays attention. (K)

  6. At least poets and artists can (for the moment) speak truth. This is excellent, Bjorn. Trying again to comment.

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