Blackthorn blooming

The scent of blooming blackthorn
haunts me cause when after April,
May might smile
but sun casts wintry shadows;
while apple blooms are falling
at the mercy of a wind exhaling.
petals flowing
like you letters torn apart.

This is a combined writing for Sanaa’s prompt at toads to write something inspired by Sara Teasdale’s poem and Marian’s prompt to write something using the word apart.
May 11, 2019

28 responses to “Blackthorn blooming

  1. My goodness this is such a gorgeous, gorgeous amalgamation of both prompts, Bjorn! 😀 I especially love; “May might smile but sun casts wintry shadows; while apple blooms are falling,” you have painted May in such moody and beguiling shades. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt! ❤️

  2. The last two lines are just fab, luv it luv it

    Happy Mothers Day (i don’t mean you are mother no) but you are here as a result of one

    much love…

  3. Brief and sweet, just like spring blossoms, Björn! Our apple blooms are more tenacious than the cherry, which have succumbed to the wind. The ending stabs like a (black)thorn.

  4. Oh, I love the idea of the blooms falling like torn-up letters. We poets can create this kind of romantic vision… when in reality that letter would be a damn mess in the mud and you might run around picking it up LOL

  5. Some relationships are destined to fall apart as sure as flowering trees will shake off all their adornment by May’s end.But even knowing that doesn’t make it hurt any less when it’s over.

  6. Sad having one’s letters torn apart. But then the writer got them, I never did. Well, yes I did as a newlywed just getting drafted into the Army and being away from home. Guess it’s okay for the weather to tear apart the blossoms IF the bee or butterflies have been there first. Like my orange tree, chock full of oranges that have set one this year.
    BTW, do you know of the “fig wasp”? Since you are interested in science you might like to know of them and the path to having figs set on. Reminds me of a balloon sinuplasty procedure.

  7. A beautifully drawn extended metaphor that cascades to an unexpected, rather splendiferous close.

    ‘petals flowing
    like you letters torn apart’

    ~ sigh ~ lovely

  8. I like to think of the petals as letters blooming into a story. April is a fling but May might be the real thing.

  9. What a beauty of a poem and then those last two lines! Mmmmm – just love that likeness!

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