Darkly believing

Lightness of being
darkly believing
in two
finally seeing
nodding, agreeing
with you
living and ageing
loving is freeing

Joyfully beaming
no longer dreaming
I knew
winter is gleaming
sleeping is fleeing,
be true
darkly believing
lightness of being.

Here we make love by Paul Gaugain

A Lai Noveau for dVerse. I cannot say I’m comfortable with this form yet.

May 9, 2019

8 responses to “Darkly believing

  1. This is a sweet one. I specially like the contrast of your refraining lines Bjorn:

    darkly believing
    lightness of being.

  2. I’m not comfortable with the lai at all, Björn, it is too stilted for me. However, I enjoyed this lai very much as it has a gentle rhythm that flows. I like the phrase ‘lightness of being’ and the intimacy of the first stanza.

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