Mess of our life

It’s better being apart
than being a part
of the mess
you’re calling your life.
It’s better being apart
cause keeping the distance
is my defense,
excuse and resistance
against the fury and passion
I call aggression.
It’s better being apart
than be battered and bruised
but I cannot — it hurts
even more to ravage
and mangle my heart — cause
It’s better being a part
of the mess
we’re calling our life
than being apart.

Lovers (the kiss) Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

The word apart from Marian inspired me a bit more. To be linked to Tuesday Platform at toads.

May 13, 2019

19 responses to “Mess of our life

  1. A very clever play with the words! Sadly, I have been a part of many relationships in the past where being apart should have happened a lot sooner than it did.

  2. There’s an expression my mom would often say “mejor sola que mal acompañada” (better to be alone than in bad company). The young need reminders of this often, while the old have either lived through it or seen someone they care about live through it and know the truth of this in their bones.

  3. Like the flow of this and the use of “apart” and “a part”. I read this as an introvert who’s married to an extrovert. Sometimes I need to be apart so I can be a part of our relationship.

  4. how real is this..the pain of being apart is often greater then the pain of being apart…alone is abuse in itself…and healing a greater length then a black eye…what kind of creatures are we?…bkm

  5. So many ways to be “apart.” I liked this, a bit of a merry-go-round. Made me think of a Venius Fly Tray plant, when it catches its’s prey it doesn’t like to let go….and maybe there is no escape?

  6. This is a deep one… At first, I was going to say that I love the fact that the speaker has chosen to walk away from something that breaks his heart. Then we come to the ending lines, and… *sigh* Some messes are just so hard to walk away from. Not because one can’t, but because the alternative is even worse.

  7. But it’s fun while it lasts, change to ‘it’s fun before the last.’ You play the word play really well. Bjorn. I like your repetition of “a part” and its opposite, “apart”.

  8. Absolutely! ❤️ There is no point in being with someone who is not right for us.

  9. Amazing format here, you skipped your way through the garden with ideas in your head and words on your tongue, words that cut both ways severing and then stitching. You never fail to mesmerize. Hell yeah….

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