Royal decisions

Queen Christa Corona had slept badly. Cold air had seeped under the blankets and not even first dog Cassandra had provided warmth enough for good dreams; even morning snow seemed tired.

The Queen adjusted her robes as she rose to face her duties again. She packed her mattress and blankets to fill the royal shopping cart she had nicked from the co-op.

With first dog in trail, she traversed her kingdom between Fourth Street and Main.

She stopped outside Marco’s as the waiter secretly slipped her some coffee and pastry.

Queen Christa sighed, today would be a day of decisions.

© Roger Bultot

The picture left me thinking a lot, and as I sometimes do I thought less of what I saw in the picture and more imagining this being seen by someone. It became less a complete story and more an open ended scene, and a character description.

Rochelle who always have a story to tell us, select the picture and let us all imagine a story behind the picture. Only restriction is 100 word or less. I always try to do it in exactly 100 words.

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May 1, 2019

39 responses to “Royal decisions

  1. It is good to try differing responses to the prompt, I smile greatly at this character of yours.

  2. Where the story shifts, and you see she is a homeless person (“she packed her mattress…”) is done with gentle grace. The details you imbue her with are magical as a portrait. This is one of your best I’ve read so far, Bjorn.

  3. She really comes to life with your description. I see her as confused and imaginative, a sensitive soul who was broken by a competitive society.

  4. Bjorn, you had me thinking of cold castles somewhere in Scandinavia until you mentioned Christa rolling up her sleeping bag and putting it in the shopping cart. I love this little snapshot of a character
    with a positive attitude.

  5. You have outdone yourself this week, Björn. I could not imagine living on the streets and I love how you have made her mistress of her domain, so to speak.

  6. I thought this was going to be a story about a royal but it turned out to be a warm and touching story about a homeless person. Very well done.

  7. This is wonderful. What an original and entertaining response to the prompt. Great details bring the whole scene to life – the ‘first dog’ (ha – love this), the blanket, the trolley. Terrific.

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