Life is a shadow of passed;
the darkness
you’re leaving behind;
the speed you are driving
as you approach
an edge of the cliff
you never had feared
you’re falling.

Life is the void
you leave
as dust in your wake.

Speed by Robert Demachy

Today it’s OLN at dVerse and Lilian hosts again. Welcome back Lilian.
May 2, 2019

22 responses to “Speed

  1. Nice and dark–but is it a cliff waiting or a portal or Jacob’s Ladder? You have touched on an inexhaustible situation as prompt for poetic probing.

  2. That’s an amazing old image, Björn, and it fits the poem well. I love the final words, which have so many possible meanings:
    ‘Life is the void
    you leave
    as dust in your wake.’

  3. As Kim mentioned, your poem and photo are perfect companions, Bjorn. In my mind’s eye, I see two mechanics/inventors pushing the limits that society has imposed upon them.

  4. Your poem and Lillian’s could be companion pieces, in a way–the passage of time, watch hands stopped, speeding off and leaving dust in your wake. . .

  5. This was great Björn, I love the mental image it evokes. Life is also the thing that happens while you are busy making other plans… 😉

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