Waiting in vain

Neither nor
the chores of life or gore
of rack and knife;
we’re never blessed with rest
    or dreamless sleep,
we’re neither well nor sick.

We walk in circles, talk
too much of lesser matters,
repeating, chatter and forget,
We wait in tepid lavishness
    of lack.

We’re never hungry, never full,
we linger low, exist
in mist and rain
    in snow and gloom between
success and doom.

Waiting by Vladimir Makovsky

Linked to dVerse Poetics where Michael wants us to write about limbo. I have always been intrigued about Dante’s concept of Limbo where the virtuous heathen’s where left in a place of waiting. Also linking to Tuesday Open Platform at Toads.

29 responses to “Waiting in vain

  1. The blase’ of limbo. i’m reminded of the scene in Beetlejuice where they are sitting in hell’s waiting room and how ordinary it seemed (even though filled with monsters). Perfect photo to go with it.

  2. Sartre wrote a play about this, I believe; entangled in existentialism. I like your lines /we wait in tepid lavishness of lack/.

  3. The state of being human… The roll of the dice determines whether were have lavishness or lack! An interesting take on Limbo.

  4. This is one of the most astoundingly accurate descriptions of human existence I’ve ever read.

  5. I had not read of Dante’s limbo but it feels much like earth – love the musicality of this poem and the rhythm you have given this poem is so right for the endless waiting for this and that – I especially liked:
    “We wait in tepid lavishness
    of lack.”

  6. I think the souls in limbo are supposed to just ‘exist’. But also to be frustrated and depressed at what they have been deprived of. A subtle torture.

  7. This is incredibly poignant, Bjorn! ❤️ Being human we are never really satisfied are we? 🙂 It’s been a pleasure reading and writing alongside you this April!

  8. Waiting in vain is so senseless – I prefer to be doing something productive. You’ve put it so well in the lines:
    ‘We walk in circles, talk
    too much of lesser matters,
    repeating, chatter and forget,
    We wait in tepid lavishness
    of lack.’

  9. Even before reading your note, the word “limbo” crossed my lips. I, too, have wondered… mostly about what sort of builder would create such a place.

  10. The endless waiting amidst vapid chatter where nothing ever happens. It sounds horrible.
    It makes me think of a current TV show called “The Good Place.” It’s a comedy. There’s the good place (Heaven) and the bad place (Hell), but there’s one woman who lives in a medium place where she has things, like music, but only The Eagles, and beer, but it’s always warm, and TV, but only mediocre shows. And she lives in a sort of nondescript suburban house by herself.

  11. This has a flavor of J Alfred Prufrock to me, Bjorn – where the women come and go, speaking of Michelangelo. Thanks for adding in your voice ~

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