A simple meal

The best picnic for me, is a meal shared during a walk. It could be a couple of sandwiches and a thermos of tea, maybe an apple or some chocolate. The main purpose with such a picnic is to rest rather than an intricate meal. When we find somewhere warm where we can sit and watch the nature changing, we just stop to eat. In winter we bring warm clothes and if there is a lot of snow we use a shovel to build a shelter from wind. In summer have books to read, but after a while when rested, there are miles to go before we sleep.

yellow of cowslip
sprouts in last year’s decay —
a drowsy adder

Gina hosts the haibun Monday at dVerse and wants us to write about picnic.

April 29, 2019

26 responses to “A simple meal

  1. Your haibun reminded me of a wonderful hike my husband and I took at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, last year. We took Subway sandwiches, chips, and water bottles on a hike down into the canyon, and then sat on a log along the way to eat. I agree with you that can be the best kind of picnic.

  2. The idea of not letting winter weather stop the picnics is pretty special. You just dig a wind shelter in the snow. I like the intimacy of your walk-picnics.

  3. I agree that the food element is just a necessary part of a long walk. There’s no great pleasure in eating outdoors with insects and bits of grass and dirt getting into everything.

  4. Your picnic in the snow is for brave souls! I like the idea of an extemporaneous picnic simply when it’s time to rest!

  5. A unique sharing, brother. I used to love to hike too, and in our backpacks we just carried water and power bars, and maybe apples

  6. I like imagining the adder as being an accountant — and his lady friend being a “cow” in a yellow slip. 🙂

    It’s most definitely a chocolate and fruit picnic, if you ask me.

  7. i am intrigued by the drowsy adder, they must also enjoy some seasons more than others. your picnics sound totally soul gratifying, to not worry about much but just being out in nature, one of the most comforting things for a human. i like the lightness of the haibun and the last line so beautifully nostalgic of walks we take through life

  8. I have not gone on a picnic during winter as we would all be frozen. I love that you just take your time and rest during picnic. Love your haiku specially that yellow of cowslip and adder.

  9. Picnic in the winter, thank you for reminding me of this, taking rest while we hike, ends up being a sort of picnic. Something I don’t do anymore but did enjoy many times in the past.

  10. I agree. Picnics are all about simplicity and eating together. I liked the reference to Frost and the adder in the haiku was unexpected – just as they would be on a picnic!

  11. What the heck! Isn’t an adder poisonous — incongruous with my idea of a fine picnic. LOL. And who the heck is “we” — a generic date? Smile. I thirsted for something more personal. Cowslip is not found in the USA, so I read on it. Used by the Druids in rituals, it seems. The etymology of the word is fun.”The common name cowslip may derive from the old English for cow dung, probably because the plant was often found growing amongst the manure in cow pastures.”
    Nice write, mate.

  12. Ah yes….a walker’s or hiker’s or biker’s picnic is more about the stopping and the refreshing. You’ve worded it well, And yes, it’s usually something simple packed easily….and sometimes it’s about finding the right scenery at the same time one needs that little snack. 😊

  13. I agree with you on this, Björn – an intimate shared meal, nice and simple with no fuss. I love the Robert Frost reference and the yellow of cowslips in the haiku. I’m not so sure about the whiffy decaying sprouts!

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