Questions again

What had the plums been planning
before they were eaten for breakfast?

How does the wheat kernel know
the best way to bake bread?

Is your microwaved alphabet soup
better at spelling than the innocent cat?

How can you harness the power of spring
to your grandfather’s cart?

Untitled (Question Marks)
by Saul Steinberg

Today I host the penultimate prompt for April at toads, inspired by Pablo Neruda’s book “the book of questions”.

22 responses to “Questions again

  1. I absolutely love this! ❤️ Especially; “Is your microwaved alphabet soup better at spelling than the innocent cat?” 😀

  2. There’s those plums again. WCW would just love it at Toads. The kernel doesn’t know squat, except that it’s gotten ungodly hot in here. Canned foods are notoriously unsuccessful at competitive bees, but so are cats. And tell Grampa to stay the hell off the Autobahn. Or so I read.

  3. Great questions, Bjorn. My question:
    Does the Toad prompting have his/her poem already drafted before making a prompt to fit?
    For this one I had written the ditty a week plus ago ready for an Open Tuesday day upcoming when I might be time constrained.

  4. You are such a deviant. Given enough time, both will splatter heartbeats of unreadable letters all over Schrodinger’s walls.

  5. The questions are all so different and so quirky but perfect. I love them. And who KNEW Shay had all the answers?

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