Lure of the lady

The pale lady sings
with nightshady voice
of lethe and less
as slowly you sink
in her marble embrace.

The pale lady stings
with syringe and blood
as slowly you drink
her chemical laxness
from venomous lips.

The pale lady stinks
from overdose fugues
and corpse blooming bliss,
as slowly you slip
into blackout and death.

Artist unknown

For Margaret at toads. I have never fallen into such temptation, but I can imagine it happening.

March 21, 2019

14 responses to “Lure of the lady

  1. That’s a lovely alliterative title, Björn. I like the idea of a ‘nightshady voice of lethe’ and imagine sinking into a hard, cold marble embrace. I’m not so keen on the ‘chemical laxness’ bit I like the phrase ‘overdose fugues / and corpse blooming bliss’. I hope I never bump into her!

  2. Luckily I have never been attracted by those night-shadey sirens made so alluring in the 1920’s or thereabout. I must have been a mummy’s boy…my brother however!

  3. Suitors beware. A fun read, Bjorn, at first the word “lethe” threw me but given its meaning, Goddes of Oblivion or just plain ‘oblivion’, it is very fitting with the rest of your poem. And plays nicely with your “and less.”

  4. The seduction that leads to addiction, death… a powerful pale lady. Love your take on the image.

  5. Such beauty and seduction – but there is definitely a very cold element to this image as well – I like where you took it! Her lips definitely are instrumental to this piece!

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