Sonnet for a secret name

Your name is a secret slowly distilled
from hilltops and shadows of clouds, from rain
at breaking of dawn, from moon-dreams fulfilled,
from sunlight on waves; from pleasure and pain.
Anointed in attar and musk, your name
was whispered to stars the day you were born;
and taken by rivers, by wind it was claimed,
your name is since then forever adorned
with crocus in spring, in summer: lavender bloom
with apples in fall, in winter with snow;
your name is persistent, it’s imminent doom,
it’s wail of the storm but afterwards glow
   Some call you landscape or simply the earth
   I know you’re phoenix from death into birth.

Kim want’s us to her about how you named something or someone at toads: a child, a pet, a plant – and I couldn’t think about it, so I went a bit abstract instead, talking about all that can exist in a name… and whenever I’m faced with a problem I write it as a sonnet.

I will also link this to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning.

March 23, 2019

31 responses to “Sonnet for a secret name

  1. You had me from the opening lines “Your name is a secret slowly distilled
from hilltops and shadows of clouds, from rain”
    A ‘wow’ level of beautiful.

  2. This is utterly gorgeous, Bjorn! ❤️ I couldn’t pry myself away from the opening line “Your name is a secret slowly distilled from hilltops and shadows of clouds,” which is a poem all on its own! 😀

  3. I’ve been trying to articulate in my mind what it is about your poetry that touches me so. You turn the box and the puzzle pieces fall out, then you put them together, one by one, into a medley of beauty.

  4. You know that you can always enchant me with a sonnet, Björn, and this one is stunning! I adore the opening lines, the olfactory appeal and the sound of whispering and rivers. I love the way you’ve left the name until the last line.

  5. This is splendid, Bjorn! How I love your sonnets and such a perfect one for me to read on a Sunday morning in early Autumn.. the promise of crocuses to come and the good earth, Terra, always turning us around and back again.

  6. I was sucked in hard by the gorgeous imagery and kept in by the glorious way the words whirled with the cycles of creation and destruction. I kind of want to write this one down and use it as a prayer of celebration for the changes of the season, that’s how hard I love it.

  7. The mystery builds like a bloom and then fills with hope. I love the closing lines.

  8. Is squealing a proper response for a poem? I hope it is, since I just did. This is pure Earth love and lust and all the above. I love that to the speaker, she smells good, tastes good, and is–in her dying and coming back to live–eternal.

  9. “whenever I’m faced with a problem I write it as a sonnet.”
    ha, i think most of us wish we could do that too. 🙂
    one of the best sonnets i have read. and in it are some names but i bet these are not the secret name.

  10. What a glorious poem, Bjorn! I love that the name was whispered to stars and taken by rivers….and am impressed that when faced with a problem, you write a sonnet which, to me, feels like TWO problems. LOL. So well done!

  11. ” I know you’re phoenix from death into birth.”
    Luv the gift of eternity you have ascribed to that secret name
    Happy Sunday Björn
    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


  12. What an inspired direction you went in, with this sonnet. I don’t recall ever reading anything that compares. It is really quite mesmerizing (with its splendid lyrical rhyme) … to the point of: brilliant. An utterly linger-worthy, fascinating piece of writing, Bjorn!

  13. A nice fun sonnet, Bjorn. I have figured out the name and who it is. It is our great state of TEXAS, U.S. We were once a country back in the 1800’s but then decided to join the union, sort of like a reverse of the current Brit’s Brexit.

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