After a death

Don’t blame the night
for darkness or the rattling bones;
it’s not from dusk your blood is shed
not from shadows that your ache is born.
this blackness didn’t cause your dread.
Don’t blame the night
for cloaks and daggers, cause the fear
that choke me… makes you snore
cause sleeplessness for me… Oh dear
it’s not the night, the fault is yours.

The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David

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March 21, 2019

24 responses to “After a death

  1. I love your refrain, /don’t blame the night/. I got a little lost with the point of view, as it shifted, from death to snoring. Perhaps it is your dark and clever humor.

  2. The repeated ‘Don’t blame the night’ had me humming Patti Smith’s ‘Because the night…’ I love the rich darkness of this poem and I couldn’t help a little smile at the snoring.

  3. My wife complained about my snoring last night. What do you know that we don’t know?

    Again, the way you interact with deep themes is always impressive.

  4. This is incredibly dark and stirring, Bjorn! I can relate to the sleepless nights caused by a certain individual’s snoring 🙂

  5. For years I tried to get to sleep before my husband started snoring! This made me smile. I was beginning to fear everyone was going to write a pantoum and my little ode would stand out like a sore thumb, so your poem reassured me! (smile)

  6. I like to let the dark off the hook, but now I am suspicious about whose fault it is!

  7. There is both seriousness and playfulness in the rhymes, and it feels nicely rounded, sounding both as an observation and a warning.

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