Back in Vienna again

Vienna had changed for the better, the colors were brighter but the shadows were still as deep.

Pulling down the fedora he lits a cigarette.

Contract killing is mostly waiting, the adrenaline rush of the kill would be intense and afterward the dread of vanishing again remained.

From a night open cafe he can hear someone plucking a zither, when suddenly the waiting is over…

Stiletto heels against cobblestones echoes through the alley, but as he opens the flick-knife, he feels the piano-wire around his neck.

Through the April haze he sees his mistress blowing him a kiss of farewell.

I cannot see a Ferris Wheel without starting to hum to the Zither of Harry Lime Theme. I tried to catch a bit of the noir feeling of “The Third Man”, but making the story entirely different.

Rochelle set the standard for Friday Fictioneers, selects the picture… all the rest have to do is to write a story in 100 words and participate in the joy of reading stories.

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March 20, 2019

55 responses to “Back in Vienna again

  1. You succeeded admirably in your aim. You’ve created a world where right and wrong are totally ambiguous, and human life is of little value – and all in 100 words! Well done!

  2. As soon as I read zither, I had that music in my head. It does have a great noir–and Third Man–feeling. At first I thought of the Prater ferriswheel, too, when I saw the picture. Great story.

  3. Problem with waiting so nonchalantly, is, you don’t hear anyone sneaking up behind you…
    Turnabout is fair play in their world.

  4. He shouldn’t have dropped his guard. Silly man. Brilliantly conjured mood and feeling. Loved the music too. I haven’t heard that for ages.

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