The tip of the iceberg

“A big part of growing up is learning to forgive. M. Scott Peck”

To shed the blame
and be free of its burden;
to accept and forgive,
is almost as hard
as it is
to acknowledge
and cherish the warmth
of forgiveness
when given by others.

Iceberg 2 by David Burdeny

Today Frank hosts dVerse and the topic is blame and forgiveness, and my answer to this is a short aphorism.

February 26, 2019

37 responses to “The tip of the iceberg

  1. What are we holding onto when we won’t let go and forgive?? You would think we would want the warmth of forgiveness… instead we often choose bitterness instead!

  2. I like the link between the cold of that iceberg tip and the warmth of forgiveness, Björn. I prefer forgiveness – bitterness makes me ill.

  3. One can be honest, and not forgive; accommodate and move on, yes, but not betray what makes sense for you, Forgiveness is like celibacy, easy for lip service but hard to implement.

  4. This is incredibly powerful, Bjorn ❤️ I somewhat agree with Rob … we might forgive others for the pain they have intentionally or unintentionally caused but we don’t forget .. well atleast not right away .. 😊

  5. I appreciate what you are saying. To me it is a little like asking someone if they want strawberry ice cream or chocolate ice cream. How about no thank you, I’ll skip them both. I am with Rob, humans are not innately forgiving and forgetting animals. It’s part of our wiring to learn and remember as part of survival.

  6. I don’t believe pointing the finger of blame ever brought two people closer. It doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault. Let’s just fix it. your words echo my mantra. Expertly done Bjorn.

  7. I think the problem may lie in the fact that most people feel forgiveness comes with an entourage of attendant feelings and behavior, some of which are harder to embrace than simple forgiveness.

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