In the ruins of the last library

when all went silent;
after words turned ash,
the last remaining pillar fell
and mortar
crumbled into dust,
the aged librarian
mumbled verses from his dying books
turned skyward, cloud-gazed,
stumbled as he turned and left;
leaving only footprints in the sand
that once was kingdom, library:
that held the answers
    we have lost.

The Temple by Tomasz Zaczeniuk, Used with permission @fotowizjer

The desolation of the picture made me continue to write about the last books and our guardian of poems. This is a 55 word flash for Kerry at toads.

March 2, 2019

16 responses to “In the ruins of the last library

  1. THe cadence of your poem feels like it is slowing, a death knell sounding for knowledge. Truly wonderful, Björn.

  2. The voice of this poem is as defeated as the image suggests, but I love the vestige of hope in ‘the aged librarian
    mumbled verses from his dying books’. Perhaps when all else fails, the oral tradition will persist, in however humble a form that may be.
    At school we have an annual festival for the recitation of prose and poetry, so that ‘learning off by heart’ is still a thing to be rewarded.

    • Maybe we should restart the tradition of retelling stories… Personally i believe that poetry needs to reinvent the tradition of storytelling, and learning by heart is a great reason for using poetry to tell stories

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  4. Bjorn, I’m glad to see the return of your old librarian. I hope he finds a better, more ptomising place to work for his next job.

  5. A fine fin-de-siecle Bjorn! Hope the aged librarian forgot to lock up when he left, so that dust and words become silence …

  6. This is incredibly emotive, Bjorn! I can see him mumbling verses and cloud-gazing.. such a unique response to the prompt! ❤️

  7. Oh, I love this take. I don’t think people really understand what it means to lose a library.

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