Dreams are not enough

When darkness tiptoes
gently — hiding from
the brightness
of a drowsy moon.

Open up
    your lips
        and sip
            the night
                from skin
                    and flesh;
                let night
            be pillow;
        drown again,
    fall back
to sleep.

When shadows walk
through chambers;
dream lesser —
darker still.

The Dream by Odilon Redon

Today it’s Quadrille again at dVerse. Mish hosts and the word is sip. To participate write a poem in exactly 44 words excluding the title and remember to include the word sip somewhere in the poem.
February 25, 2019

33 responses to “Dreams are not enough

  1. I really like the shape of this quadrille, Björn, and the way it wriggles down the page! I love the drowsy moon and the phrase ‘sip the night from skin and flesh’.

  2. “sip the night from from skin and flesh” . . . oooooh, yes!
    And I love the shape of this…as if the words themselves are tiptoeing across the page 🙂

  3. I absolutely love this! ❤️ The tone, the mood and shape of this quadrille is like stepping into a dream itself. 😀 Stunning, Bjorn.

  4. Well done! I love the feeling of going in and out of sleep.
    On this line: and sip
    the night
    from skin
    and flesh;
    Perhaps sip the (moon) glow from skin and flesh? Just a thought!

  5. darkness tiptoeing gently, hiding from the moon sets a lovely tone, then yes i see the dreamer wakes then gives reins to deep sleep where other worlds exist. magical!

  6. Hypnogogic brilliance, brother. I, too, ninth to say, was hooked by sipping the night,. and the wonderful shaping of the lines.

  7. I specially love the form and sensual sip in the second stanza. I appreciate the cycle of sleeping and waking and sleeping again in darkness.

  8. Sipping the night…how wonderful that is and I like the image of night tiptoeing. This lulling poem might have helped me battle sleeplessness last night with howling winds reported of up to 72 km./hr.
    Love the spiral you created in the shape of your quadrille, falling, falling……zzzz

  9. Also love:
    “sip the night from from skin and flesh”
    And the whole thing. Dreams are extracted from our own body, a sensory experience we build from our own flesh, so beautifully done, alpha delta rem.

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