We went up early to catch a bit of ice before it melts; skating wasn’t great, but we felt free when we turned back home to sail with the wind.

Each day the daylight grows, and even under pewter clouds we feel how the winter’s shroud being ripped apart by light.

Not yet spring today, but it’s winter-spring with sea-scent in the wind.

this morning still
finches feasting on the suet
water drips from eaves

Tomorrow sun will rise at seven.

Melting of snow by Laszlo Mednyanszky

For Toni at toads I tried to write a bit of haiku and haibun for a season that is neither winter nor spring.

Will also link to Poetry Pantry tomorrow.

February 23, 2019

27 responses to “Winter-spring

  1. The last adventure of winter before the spring thaw… I just walked today and it feels like you describe (but our water doesn’t ice over…) We do have a “fake” skating rink at the base of the fake snow mountains…

  2. Oh, I really like the idea of ‘winter-spring.’ That is such an apt description of this time of year. I love it when the days keep getting longer and longer. Makes my heart sing.

  3. Your winter-spring is so refreshing, Björn! I haven’t skated for many years but I got an inkling of that feeling in: ‘we felt free when we turned back home to sail with the wind’. I also love the way the seasons are changing in: ‘ winter’s shroud being ripped apart by light’, the sea-scent in the wind, and those finches feasting on the suet!

  4. I imagine the spring is eagerly awaited in the far northern climes. Here, in SA, we get barely 3 months of winter, and every day of it, a blue sky. It’s a dry season. Still, I miss snow and ice.

  5. I think people don’t appreciate the idea of microseasons enough. They’re like siblings. You can see the family resemblance, but they have their own quirks that set them apart. I have an app on my phone that breaks down the seasons for tea ceremony (72 microseasons in total). It’s not an exact match for what I’m observing in Pennsylvania (and climate change really has made things feel more random) but I like referring back to it and using what’s there to inspire me to observe.

  6. This is utterly gorgeous, Bjorn! ❤️ Especially love; “winter-spring with sea-scent in the wind.” 🙂

  7. A triumphant pause as the season changes–this felt like one of those amazing endings in a fantasy where you’ve hiked a thousand pages to see things come right again.

  8. When water starts dripping from the eaves, you definitely know that spring is on the way. (I used to live in cold country. I know.)

  9. Ice is melting, roof is dripping. Sun rises here in Houston at 6:52 AM. No ice here, a light frost one day this winter. Sailing and golf year round.

  10. I have noticed longer days of sunlight but, it continues to be cold and I long for a warm spring day. I will leave the skating to you, I would rather be swimming in glorious sun.

  11. kaykuala

    the winter’s shroud being
    ripped apart by light.

    Strong words to let accompany the receding winter cold. That’s how much one looks forward to the greenery of spring-time!


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