Family recipes

From my hiding place I watch her moving through the kitchen, preparing dinner.
Just like before…

I clench my fists … imagining the scent of stew… the scent of mother’s recipes!

A shadow appearing behind her, he snakes his arms around her waist
Fuming, I stare at them.

Imagining the praise she gets for her cooking… remembering the times I scolded her before she learned to cook like mother.

My father hit mother every time his meal was wrong.
She learned.and hugged me afterwards. Sobbing.


I open the switchblade, like father taught me and enter the building.

© J Hardy Carroll

The angle of the picture made me imagine someone standing outside. Maybe stalking, most certainly with sinister plans.

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February 13, 2018

47 responses to “Family recipes

  1. She managed to get away from him and refind love…and he plans on not letting her… Such an awful, realistic situation. We learn from our father. (or mother)

  2. What a psychopath, if that is the right description. His father beat his mother for bad meal. Now he wants to kill his wife/girl friend who is no longer with him.

  3. A chilling and horribly sad tale of violence passed from one generation to another. With the passing of it comes a deeper darker propensity to injure, even kill. Hopefully, she finds a way to survive and be free of him. So well written as always!

  4. I can’t really add anything new, I feel chilled to the bone by your story. Want it or not, we always pick up more than we think from our parents. But this guy obviously wanted to learn–the wrong stuff.

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