Playing games at night

Honey, mine
you’re my destiny
of darker than delight,
my doom
to slowly sizzle
in your arms
until sinfully

You lead me barefoot
luscious, luminous
into sleepless sighs
through your secret portal
to our closing firework
    and blossom blast.

You, my candy crush,
my thirst —
unquenched again,
    and once again.
honey, mine

Cupid and Psyche by Auguste Rodin

Sarah inspires us with a list of names of computer games to play with at dVerse Poetics. I had fun with my games.

20 responses to “Playing games at night

  1. Oh, lots of fun, Bjorn. Very sexy. And as you’re first in, you can be team captain in our poetry dodgeball game!
    I love “luscious, luminous, darkly…” – great alliteration, and the repetition of “honey, mine” rounds it off beautifully.

  2. Oh Bjorn….I’ve said it so many times and will again! You are the king of romantic and….yes….erotic poetry posts here. This is sweltering. And love how you began and ended with honey mine.

  3. Like me, you have used a lot more than three game names. Everything fits the piece, zero awkwardness. Romantic, yes, but with a wink and a smile.

  4. Ooops, posted in the wrong place! Sorry!
    I like this Bjorn. You worked in the game names very effectively. I liked the blossom blast in the secret portal!

  5. You most certainly did have fun playing games at night, Björn! I love the sounds in this poem, the ‘d’ sound in ‘destiny of darker than delight’, the ‘l’ in ‘until sinfully fulfilled’ and ‘luscious, luminous darkly’. And oh, the ‘closing firework and blossom blast’ – you’ve outdone yourself with sensual and erotic all in one poem!

  6. You hid the words so well, like they were meant to be. I love the play on the title and the framing of the poem with “honey, mine”.

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